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Computers is taught in most schools but the definition of this term is debatable. We learn computers programs to be able to use it, but what about making it? The world is changing and computers have become a big part of out lives. It is time we know the importance of computing. The difference between learning using computers to learning coding is analogous to the difference between driving a car and automobile engineering. You may not know the internals of the car to drive the car but you need to learn automobile engineering to learn how to fix the car or even design your own car! For computers, this is also the same. It does not matter whether the child becomes a lawyer or a doctor, learning how to code or having the ability to make programs enhances your creativity. And yes, creativity is the key to success.

Learning how to code is like playing a fun game; just using more brains. Making games is just as fun as playing them. The difference is that making games enhances creativity and logical thinking. Your child would get exposed to a new paradigm that may bring out design abilities which otherwise may not have been observed. What we suggest is to to give her an opportunity and see where it takes her.

If you to put your son in a "learning French" workshop for a week, do you think he would learn French in a week? Do you think algebra or physics can be taught in a week?

One must understand that learning "how to code" is just like learning a new language and it  cannot be done in a day. Our short-term courses provides the  basic overview of the subject - not the subject itself. Again, we are not making your son a "computer scientist" even with a year-long program. But then, that might give enough motivation  for your child to pursue this subject in the future and maybe or conduct research by himself. You never know, tomorrow he may as well develop an "app" on Google Play-store or App Store which may be downloaded by millions!

Irrespective of your child's age or interest, our course provides insight to everyday problems by teaching her logic. You see, we are not teaching STEM but STEAM (the "A" standing for Arts besides Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This course is suitable for everyone and will undoubtedly make your child smarter. The skills that can be acquired when learning to code helps solve all problems faced by her irrespective to her career or interests.

No, we are not kidding. Your son has already learned a language and can speak more or less fluently in it without learning its formal grammar. In fact studies have shown that a child of his age can pick languages faster than an adult can. "Coding" is just a language used to communicate with the computer - so there is no reason why he would not be able to pick it up.

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